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Connecticut Probate Lawyers

Charter Oak Law Group, LLC: Experienced Probate Lawyers

No matter how carefully an estate was planned, there are times when Connecticut families wind up in a local probate court. This can be as part of a normal process of estate administration or as the result of family discord.

Even as part of the normal estate administration process, appearing before the local Connecticut probate court is best done with legal representation, even if the entire estate is valued below $40,000.

When disagreements about wills, trusts, trustees and trust beneficiaries arise, however, there is no question that you need legal representation. Having an experienced West Hartford probate attorneys like Mary Anne Charron and Edward Barron on your side makes all the difference.

Fierce Litigators From Connecticut

We are fierce litigators when necessary. Our professional perspective, however, reaches beyond achieving a courtroom victory; we are very mindful of the long-term consequences to families.

"What I do and how I act affects the family dynamics into the future. I don't want my legal work to deepen the family's wounds. Rather, I want to assist in closure, so all of them will still get together for family events. I think that is important to keep in mind; otherwise winning in the courtroom could be a Pyrrhic victory." - Founder, Mary Anne Charron

Our probate work includes:

  • Probate administration
    • Estate administration
    • Conservatorship
  • Probate litigation
    • Financial elder abuse
    • Will and trust litigation
    • Guardianships and incompetency

Wonder If Your Loved One's Will Is Being Handled Right? Call Us And Have Peace Of Mind

Don't spend sleepless nights worrying. Contact Charter Oak Law Group, LLC either online or by calling: 860-952-3070 for your initial consultation.

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Fairfield County Office
100 Mill Plain Road,
3rd Floor
Danbury, CT 06811
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Litchfield County Office
15 Shepard Road
Norfolk, CT 06058
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